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What’s the right wedding ceremony for a religiously independent couple? A courthouse ceremony is cold, impersonal and over in a flash. A church ceremony is long, boring and an affront to your beliefs. Pick your poison – chilly and colorless, or tedious and offensive. Or, screw the poison and pop open the champagne. Your perfect ceremony awaits.

I perform dozens of non-religious wedding ceremonies for couples in Northeast Ohio each year. I meticulously customize each ceremony to suit your tastes and preferences – and to make it even more intimate and memorable, I incorporate personal elements and details about the two of you and your relationship to make it uniquely yours.

Tim was there for us every step of the way, and was very involved in customizing our ceremony to make it personal for us. Our family and friends had amazingly good things to say about our ceremony,and they loved that they got to learn more about us as a couple throughout the wedding. We watched our wedding video several times, and listening to Tim, as well as watching his emotions during the ceremony is absolutely amazing. He is such a great speaker, he made us feel comfortable before and throughout the ceremony.
– Dan & Jaime Kurta, June 6th, 2013


Tim is THE BEST wedding officiant around, bar none. His ceremony was exactly what we were looking for – serious enough to move my fiance & I to a few tears, yet humorous and fun enough to get a chuckle or two as well. Short and sweet, yet moving and meaningful. Tim’s words were perfect – what he said really resonated with us both. The ceremony was totally tailored to us, our personalities and our vision of what a wedding ceremony should be. Even though he’d just met us in person for the first time, Tim made us all feel completely at ease and helped us enjoy the wedding day and all the proceedings by ‘directing traffic.’ Hats off to Tim, he’s definitely got it goin’ on!
Rock & Sherry Tyson, September 8th, 2012


A year later, people still tell us how our wedding ceremony was the best they have ever seen. Tim, man, you spoke that day as if you had known the both of us our entire lives, and that intimate charismatic connection you have with people is I think the most fiery and genuine part of your character. You are, if I may be so candid, “THE” man. Your wit, humor, and passion is strikingly evident to all who meet you, and looking back on that day I can’t imagine having had anyone other than you standing beside us.
– Matt & Jessica Reagle, September 3rd, 2011


To read more reflections from others couples for whom I’ve performed ceremonies, check out the testimonials page. You can also check out my background, learn about my core principles with regard to officiating wedding ceremonies, and scour the list of frequently asked questions for more information, as well as obscure and amusing Monty Python, The Big Lebowski and Dungeons & Dragons references.

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