The testimonials below are from the brides and grooms whose ceremonies I have performed, as well as some ceremony attendees. These brides and grooms offering testimonials on this page have kindly agreed to serve as references as well. I can’t publish their contact information here for privacy reasons, but I’m happy to share their contact information with you if you’re interested in contacting them directly with questions regarding my services – just click here.

  1. Mary Flynn

    Thanks Tim for the AWESOME launch to our life together. May many, many others be lucky enough to have you perform their ceremony because it is no doubt you have a gift for it. – Mary

  2. Amber Johnstone

    I stumbled across Tim when searching for a secular wedding officiant.
    Tim was wonderful to work with from the start! He was always available to answer any questions or address any concerns that I had throughout the planning process, via either phone, e-mail, or Facebook.

    The ceremony was incredibly personal. It was really like Tim had known us for years! He made the ceremony all about us and our journey together as a couple.

    We chose the non-traditional vows that he offers, which were just perfect! They were modern and felt so meaningful. Tim made us feel like we were the only ones in the room while speaking our vows to one another.

    The ceremony was my husband’s favorite part of the day, and if he gives the stamp of approval, you know it must be good!

    Highly, highly recommended!

  3. Candace Thompson

    Wedding planning is stressful!!! The last thing we waited to do was to find someone to marry us. After several recommendations we decide to contact Tim. After our first conversation I knew he was a perfect fit for us and we decided to book our date with him. Throughout the entire process and right up to the day of the wedding he helped to put us at ease and helped assure everything would go perfectly. The day of the wedding he ran into a bit of car trouble but still made it on time and pulled off an amazing ceremony for us. Can’t say enough good things. You rock Tim!!!! For anyone looking for a unique, funny, well thought out and put together ceremony Tim is your guy.

  4. Jodi Pollack

    This guy is awesome! Somehow without even knowing us, Tim knew us. The ceremony was amazing. With all of the other little details about the day you kind of forget about how important the words and the ceremony are, when in fact that’s the point of the whole day. No need to worry though, because Tim doesn’t forget how important it is and knows the perfect things to say. I loved our ceremony, and cannot wait to get the video to relive it all over again. Thank you Tim for making it perfect.

  5. Jon Fankhauser

    I would recommend Tim because he eased our nerves and made the ceremony about us and people commented on that afterwards. Also, he took our ideas that wehad ffor the ceremony and tweeked it to make it flow. It felt like it was just us three up there during the ceremony and have good hints which really made me feel comfortable.

  6. Nicole Fankhauser

    My husband and I do not belong to a church and wanted to find someone to marry us who would represent us in the best way. When I came across Tim’s website he sounded to good to be true. He went above and beyond what we expected. Multiple people came up to us and said the ceremony really fit our style and reflected us. He rehearsed everything with us before hand and gave us clues for during the ceremony and it really made us at ease and relaxed. I would recommend Tim because he is easy to work with, captures who you are during the ceremony, and makes everything easy.

  7. Lindsey and Matthew Sprute


    The ceremony could not have been any better. He tailored every word to fit our style and made the ceremony completely unique. At one point we would be crying and the next laughing. So many of our guest told us it was the best ceremony they have ever been too.

    Not only was Tim great during the ceremony but he helped keep us calm before and give us cues on what to do.

    We recommend him 100%. You would be stupid to go with anyone else.

  8. John & Adel

    John & I wanted to thank you for helping to create a beautiful ceremony. You played a huge role in our wedding. Your style and personality fit us perfectly. We could not have asked for a better officiant to pronounce us Husband & Wife!

    Adel & John

  9. Ellen

    I’ll just say that Tim is amazing. We had seen him at a friends wedding and knew he had to officiate our wedding because he is just that good. He offers the perfect balance of familiarity while still being formal. It really felt like he “got” us and produced the perfect vows for our special day. Thanks Tim!

  10. Ashley Arnold

    Tim performed our beautiful ceremony on August 24th of this year. I have always had high expectations for my wedding (as most women do) and I had lots of doubt that I was going to find someone who wasn’t biased and close-minded about performing a laid back Wiccan/new age flavored ceremony (or someone who was too over the top). We wanted someone that could meet in the middle and be as laid back and open-minded as we are, and Tim was our man. He was so nice and very funny and easy to get along with. As a woman with high expectations, he met every single one of them. I didn’t become a bridezilla even once! I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Any couple who is looking for an officiate who will create a ceremony special for them, should call Timothy Greathouse. He will work his magic. He truly is great!

  11. Karyn Keay-Otte

    Tim performed our wedding vow renewal ceremony over a year ago now … so a little update here. Patrick and I have been to several family gatherings over the past few months and each time a different family member tells us how touched they were by the ceremony and how much they enjoyed the whole event. It’s a real tribute to Tim that that feeling has remained with our family and certainly with us. Thanks again, my friend.

  12. Sheri & Adam

    Tim was definitely the right choice for our waterfall wedding in the woods. He was professional & courteous yet laid back & easy going. Tim helped make our day memorable. We still get compliments from friends and family that attended about what a great job he did. Tim is easy to work with and focused on the vision we had for our wedding day. We could not have asked for a better person to work with!

  13. Joshua and Kayla

    We were married by Tim on July 21st, and Tim was an amazing officiant. Our family and friends had nothing but positive words to say about him and his words during our ceremony. Some were even saying it was the best ceremony they’d ever seen! (And we have to agree!) He described us and our relationship perfectly, and throughout the whole process was very open to our ideas and incorporated them into the ceremony. We remember the first time speaking with Tim over the phone we got along so well we ended up chatting for forty-five minutes- most of it not even about ceremony-related things! We would definitely recommend Tim to anyone looking for a great officiant who will help give them a beautiful, personable, and memorable wedding ceremony.

  14. Ris and Carrie Misner

    “We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.” — Robert Fulgham

    We may all be a little weird, but We, Carrie and Ris in particular, are especially weird, so of course we wanted our wedding to be weird. Our loved ones are all weird in their own ways, and we love them each in corresponding weirdness. With two families of weirdness coming together, the web of weird was wild, and Tim was perfect for all our special needs. Not that he’s weird or anything.

    Word games aside, Tim was fantastic in every way. We especially loved how well he put us at ease about everything (and our parents too!) He was warm, and funny, and we just felt comfortable with him from the first second. He asked us all of the right questions to tailor the perfect ceremony for our love, and we will never forget it.

  15. Jaime & Dan Kurta

    We were very nervous when it came to beginning the search for an officiant for our wedding; We wanted something different from the “traditional” ceremony,we wanted something nonreligious that suited our personalities and could portray our love for eachother. We could envision what we wanted, we just didn’t know how to go about it. When we found Tim, all of our concerns were taken care of!

    Tim was there for us every step of the way, and was very involved in customizing our ceremony to make it personal for us. Which of course included changing our “facebook status/name,” and as silly as it sounds that was the best part of our ceremony. It was unique to us and thats what we loved about it! And more importantly is what everyone else remembers. Our family and friends had amazingly good things to say about our ceremony,and they loved that they got to learn more about us as a couple throughout the wedding.

    In the weeks after the wedding we watched our wedding video several times, and listening to Tim, as well as watching his emotions during the ceremony is absolutely amazing. He is such a great speaker, he made us feel comfortable BEFORE and THROUGHOUT the ceremony. And most importantly gave us exactly what we were looking for in our wedding ceremony.

    Tim we cannot thank you enough for the wonderful ceremony you gave us! It was truly amazing

  16. Emmanual and Carrie Cook

    One year ago today Tim married my husband and I. When we started looking for an officiant we were a little scared because while we do believe in God, we are not religious people and did not want a religious ceremony. We found Tim and he explained the ceremony to us and we knew this is the route we wanted to take. The day of our wedding Tim showed up early to go over our vows with us prior to the ceremony. My husband said when he got to the hall he was nervous and once Tim found him and explained how things would work it helped to calm him down. After the ceremony all of our friends and family commented on how lovely the ceremony was. We owe it all to Tim. Thank you so much!

  17. Susie Special Events, Inc

    I worked with Tim in May. I have been in the event planning busines since 1995 and have worked with many officiants. I felt that Tim did a very meaningful and personal ceremony for the bride and groom. His words to the couple were so appropriate and the quotations perfect for them. The ceremony meant so much to the bride and groom and all the guests commented on the beauty of the ceremony.

  18. Jessica Crookston

    Tim was the perfect wedding officiant. He was professional, funny, and a snappy dresser! We wanted a simple, beautiful, intimate wedding, and Tim delivered! His choice of words was beautiful, but he kept it light hearted, which is exactly what we wanted. I certainly hope that I never need his services again, but will definitely recommend him to everyone I know, and hope to be able to sit in on his ceremonies in the future.

  19. Brian and Jennifer Smith

    Amazing job Tim!! Thank you so much!! Both of our families enjoyed the ceremony-even though the wind was blowing and it was down right COLD!! Glad you were able to bring some humor into the situation and and make it just a little bit warmer!!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kaeti Stoss and George Flevares

    Evidence of how great a job Tim did as officiant was the fact several of our wedding guests assumed that we had know Tim for years. In fact, we met him in person just a few weeks before the wedding. Tim seamlessly took the information and anecdotes that we gave him and incorporated them into the ceremony. We had a secular service that felt robust and full of personal touches.

    Tim has both gravitas and warmth in his demeanor, and we strongly recommend him if you are looking for an officiant for your wedding.

  21. Julie & Nick

    We did not want a traditional or religious ceremony, but we did want to have a ceremony that was meaningful and beautiful and that is exactly what Tim gave us. Our religious grandparents even loved it! He made our ceremony about us and did a wonderful job making it really personal to us. He was great to work with too, always got back to us promptly, totally flexible and upfront, and just an all-around great guy. From the moment we saw his website, we knew Tim was the right person for what we wanted. Choosing him was one of the best, most important decisions we made for our wedding. All of our guests said it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever attended, and everyone felt like they got to know us better as a couple through Tim’s words, which was exactly what we hoped would happen. I can’t say enough great things about Tim, we’ll always be grateful to him for the huge role he played in making the day incredibly special and memorable.

  22. Stephanie and Joe Chenevey

    I couldn’t have been more pleased with Tim as our wedding officiant. We had a super small wedding and Tim delivered an engaging yet beautiful ceremony. He made the entire process of finding an officiant and getting ceremony plans in place a breeze. Throughout the entire process, Tim was professional, punctual, and charismatic!

  23. Mary and Joe Bonnell

    I knew from reading his website that Tim would be the perfect fit for our ceremony, and he certainly was. He was professional, and attentive. He listened to everything we said, and created the most perfect ceremony based on the information we provided him. We had a Dr. Suess theme for our ceremony and he suggested a reading of Oh, the Places You’ll Go, which fit perfectly. He kept the ceremony upbeat and happy while honoring the seriousness of the commitment we made that day. I cannot stress enough how professional and amazing he was. He calmed me down that morning, and calming an anxious bride is no easy feat. He performed 2 other weddings on the same day as ours, and I encourage not to be nervous if he mentions he has other wedding on your date. If he says he can be there, he will. Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding. It’s the reason for the dj, the reception, the dress, and the cake. I have no qualms about recommending him!

  24. Matt and Jessica Reagle

    A year later, people still tell us how our wedding ceremony was the best they have ever seen. Tim, man, you spoke that day as if you had known the both of us our entire lives, and that intimate charismatic connection you have with people is I think the most fiery and genuine part of your character. You are, if I may be so candid, “THE” man. Your wit, humor, and passion is strikingly evident to all who meet you, and looking back on that day I can’t imagine having had anyone other than you standing beside us on that altar.

    Love you man. Rock on.

    the Reagles

  25. Malena Hylton Frymire

    Tim did a wonderful job creating a ceremony that was uniquely ours! He truly went above the call of duty at making our ceremony be as amazing as it could be. The comments on how great the ceremony was won’t stop. Even his toughest critic (a 90-year old) said it was truly one of the best ceremonies they ever seen! If you want a ceremony that is truly about the two of you and will be something memorable go with Tim!

  26. Ashley Fela

    Tim Greathouse was the right choice for our wedding officiant! Today we are celebrating one year of marriage (Oct. 15, 2011)and I look back on that day with gratitude for everything he did to make our day so meaningful and beautiful! He made us both very comfortable and made the ceremony seem as if he had known both of us for years. His words were touching and inspiring for our non-denominational ceremony. Our ceremony was the nicest ceremony I have ever been to, thanks to Tim. He was wonderful!

  27. Amanda Kalal

    Tim is the man! He is such a fun, calming person and made our ceremony so relaxed and enjoyable. Plus, I feel like he’s kind of magical because a rainbow appeared right before our ceremony! We couldn’t be more pleased with the beautiful job he did. I was not expecting to have such an awesome time chatting with the person marrying us or keeping a relationship with after. But Tim is so easy to relate to and is such a cool dude! We love him and are so happy he was a part of our special day! You can tell he truly enjoys his job and it is very important to him. Thanks for everything Tim! Cheers!

  28. Kenny & Megan Scheck

    Tim – thank you so much for officiating our wedding, and doing it so well. You can’t imagine the compliments we got all night for you. Some thought you were an old friend, which just reinforces how personal to us you made the wedding ceremony. Thanks for helping us through the ceremony with your helpful hints and your sense of humor. It is all really appreciated!

  29. Sharon Tyson

    Tim is THE BEST wedding officiant around, bar none. His ceremony was exactly what we were looking for … serious enough to move my fiance & I to a few tears, yet humorous and fun enough to get a chuckle or two as well. Short and sweet, yet moving and meaningful. Tim’s words were perfect, what he said really resonated with us both. The ceremony was totally tailored to us, our personalities and our vision of what a wedding ceremony should be. Even though he’d just met us in person for the first time, Tim made us all feel completely at ease and helped us enjoy the wedding day and all the proceedings by “directing traffic”. Hats off to Tim, he’s definitely got it goin’ on! :)

  30. Deleen Long

    Choosing Tim to marry us was far and away the best decision we made for our wedding. He crafted a wonderful ceremony that was the perfect mix of humor and reverence, and he does a spectacular job at his craft. Tim made sure we were comfortable with the structure of the ceremony ahead of time, but kept the actual words he wrote a surprise. I was excited to start the ceremony so I could hear what he had to say! Though it was a custom ceremony, it was in no way a mere rehash of the answers we gave in the questionnaire. He wrote it from his own understanding of who we are as a couple, and he spoke with the kindness, energy, and warmth you might expect from an old friend. I truly felt like his words were a gift to be received and cherished. Tim really goes above and beyond in his work, and I am blown away by what a beautiful experience it was.

    Wedding days often hold disappointments and frustrations. For us, our ceremony absolutely was not one of them. Lots of guests commented on how much they enjoyed it. I’m so happy we chose Tim and never looked back!

  31. Anthony & Amanda Flock

    We were married on August 4th, and Tim was definitely the best choice we made when it came to picking all the elements of the wedding. We had a small, simple outdoor ceremony, it was mostly family who attended, all of which had very low expectations since it wasn’t a church wedding, or some grand event. It’s been over a month and we’re still getting compliments on how nice, touching, personal, and beautiful the ceremony was.

    Both Anthony and I were amazed too, having never met Tim, it was awesome how truly personal and touching his ceremony was. He made my husband tear up, which isn’t easy to do. Any time I had questions, he answered them and he also helped to put my mind at ease in regards to “public speaking” haha. It didn’t feel like he was just some guy who showed up to perform the ceremony and leave, he was very warm and friendly, and it was as if we’d known him for years. Now, I haven’t been to many weddings, but I feel like that is an important quality for someone who is a part of your wedding to have.

    All in all, I sincerely don’t think anyone else could have done a better job, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a beautiful, touching ceremony.

  32. Emily Hannahs

    Due to unforeseen circumstances about three months before the wedding we had to find an officiant. We did some web searches and Tim’s name came up. Not only was he a perfect fit for us, he also helped us create our ceremony. (I was a last minute planner on that part) He walked us through everything and even helped keep the nervous jitters away. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

  33. Adam and Molly Stover

    Tim was referred to us by plenty of people. We now understand why. We did not want a traditional or religious ceremony and Tim completely respected that. Our only worry was how a few of our traditional, conservative relatives would take that…when the ceremony was over a few of them told us that even though it wasn’t the wedding ceremony they were used to, that this was the most beautiful one they have ever been apart of. It’s all because of Tim. Our ceremony was short, sweet, and to the point, just like we asked for, but at the same time Tim was able to make it very personal. There wasn’t a single thing we would have changed about our ceremony. It was perfect in every way and we have Tim to thank for that. Thank you Tim for making the best day of our lives that much better!
    Adam and Molly Stover

    P.S. We don’t know how he did it, but mid-ceremony a family of deer pranced across the field behind us!

  34. Ashley and Matt Edwards

    Tim was amazing! He truly centered the ceremony around us and we could not be happier that we chose him to offiate the wedding. Although he had 5 weddings the weekend we got married he some how even managed to make it to our rehearsal! We received numerous compliments from all of our friends and family regarding how beautiful the ceremony was. Tim definately lives up to his reputation!

  35. Suzanne Gill

    Dear Tim,
    I was at the wedding of Jennifer Fisette & Theresa Walton. That was such a beautiful service you performed it was like you knew the couple from childhood.The words were perfect the sayings were perfect.Everything about the service was perfect.The words you spoke were so beautifully said.

    Thank You so much for the inspirational words of that day.

    Suzanne Gill

  36. Theresa & Jen

    Tim performed our ceremony perfectly — from his words, timing, to his eloquent delivery! Even though we only met Tim twice before the big day, we really felt connected to him. He did an amazing job tailoring the ceremony to fit ‘us’ uniquely. Just about every single person at our wedding commented on how awesome Tim was and how moved they were by the ceremony. Several relatives in the 70s, who have been to many, many weddings said ours was the most beautiful they had been to. Being a gay couple, we not only felt comfortable and supported by Tim, but we know that he is a strong advocate for our equal rights. It’s three weeks later (sorry Tim for our late testimonial!) and we’re still talking about our special day. We can’t wait to do it again when it’s legal!! Tim will definitely be our guy. You hit it out of the park, Tim! Thank you so much.

  37. Laura Gilgulis

    I’ve heard from so many married people that the ceremony was the last thing they had to “get through” before they could relax and enjoy their wedding. I had kind of thought it might be the same for us–neither of us loves being the center of attention, and we were nervous about reading our own vows–but our ceremony turned out to be FUN. Tim was relaxed and put us at ease right away. It must have been his beard.

    We laughed so many times throughout, which was perfect. Tim let us customize the ceremony as much as we wanted, and then everything he wrote himself was just awesome–funny and specific and spot-on. All day, people kept telling us how much they loved the ceremony, how it seemed like we must have known Tim for years, how it was so funny and relaxed and us. I totally agree with all of that, expect we hadn’t known Tim for years. Maybe in another life.

  38. Tiffany Adkins

    Thanks, Tim!! We thought our ceremony was just perfect! You really walked us through every step of the way and the ceremony was tailored just to us!

    I would definitely recommend Tim Greathouse to any couple seeking an officiant for their wedding. We got so many compliments on our ceremony and officiant! My husband & I (and our guest) had times where we cried and times where we laughed during the ceremony. I can’t imagine our ceremony being any better than it was!

  39. Matt & Tiona Jordan

    We both love Tim! Great officiant, who made us feel comfortable throughout the ceremony. We strongly recommend him for anyone’s wedding, whether it is religious or secular. He is very flexible and wants your wedding to go the way YOU want it to.

  40. Rosemary Steinbrook

    We couldn’t have chosen a better officiant other than Tim. He took a moment before the ceremony to let us know how everything would go down and made us feel very comfortable. We chose to not have a rehearsal before the wedding. Tim had not seen the ceremony site until that night, but everything went so perfectly, without any flaws…it was like we had rehearsed for hours. The way he spoke at the ceremony drew all of our guests in. Even made us laugh, (just to make sure we were “paying attention”, as he put it…which was fantastic) He is very open minded. He understood our wants, and customized the ceremony to fit US as a couple. Once you meet Tim, you’ll feel as if you have known him for years. Not only is Tim a great officiant, but he’s a great guy.

  41. Kathy Sochor & Christian Hagler

    Thank you Tim for making our wedding ceremony something that represented us. We appreciated that you first took the time to get to know us. Then you focused on those core things you learned and came up with a ceremony that was unique, romantic and as nontraditional as we wanted. The ceremony was our favorite part of that day and the one thing that was truly and solely ours alone. Sincerely, Kathy and Christian.

  42. Ashlee and Josh Tobias

    I was taken away by Tim’s ceremony. Thank you for everything. Josh and I couldn’t have wanted to do it any other way. It was the two of us and our newborn son and Tim. He made is very special fur us and it was the perfect day in a little park. We could not have been happier! Thank you Tim! You’re the best!

  43. Kayla Nickley

    When Will and I set out to plan a wedding, our top priority was that we question the traditional ceremony and only use the content that we felt was representative of our beliefs and our relationship. Finding Tim was a very fortunate thing, because from the start, it seemed he was of a similar mindset and more than willing to customize the ceremony to fit our needs. And he did a beautiful job. Tim is a great guy who is looking to make your ceremony relaxed and happy and true to who you are as a couple. I will admit that some of our extended family raised an eyebrow when we said we found him on the internet… but afterward the compliments just kept coming in! Our parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends all knew that the ceremony was just so “us.” You can even read my mom’s testimonial below! (Marie Rosebrook) The writing was beautiful and I think it was a breath of fresh air to everyone attending. Thank you Tim!

  44. Will Nickley


    I’m going to have to ask you for a copy of the beautifully composed “monologue” and vows you wrote for Kayla and I. No really, send a copy please! Elegant, modest, secular and spiritual, humorous, passionate, concise and epic… just like we wanted! And the way you enveloped our rock-balancing with the “heart under a stone” Les Mis passage… yes!

    Thanks for keeping it light with the groomsmen and I before the ceremony, and for all the little tips that helped Kayla and I relax, enjoy, and really focus on our vows during it. Kayla and I will remember this day.

    And thanks for wearing your beard. Kick-ass.

  45. Mark and Maggie Kiedrowski

    Tim did such an awesome job at our wedding this past May. Highly, highly recommend him. His ceremony was eloquent and wasn’t the normal “Hollywood scripted” wedding. Growing up Catholic and not getting married in the Church, our families were a little worried about the ceremony. Afterward, everyone raved about how great the ceremony and officiant was. Tim was very accomodating to all our needs, timely and easy to work with.

    Could not have been happier with our choice. Would highly recommend him to anyone that wants a unique, beautiful ceremony as opposed to “do you take him to be your husband?”

  46. Marie Rosebrook

    Hi Tim,

    Just wanted to thank you again for the remarkable job you did for Kayla & Will. So many people commented on how wonderful your ceremony was. And as Kayla’s mother, I couldn’t have imagined it any better. Thanks again for the special moments you created that will last us all a lifetime.

  47. Thomas Majercik Jr.

    Tim was able to relate to my wife and I on a level that I never would have expected from an officiant. We are both gamers so when it turned out that Tim not only was also a gamer, but also was a self-proclaimed super-fan of a couple of our favs, we knew we had found someone who could deliver something special. We didn’t even consider looking for another officiant after speaking with Tim and he delivered a ceremony that was perfect on all levels and we received compliments from just about everyone we invited on what a fantastic job he did performing the ceremony. It was everything we could’ve expected and more.

  48. Karyn Keay-Otte

    Our vow renewal ceremony was so special and Tim was a very large part of making it that way! From our first contact, I knew Tim “got it” and he would help us complete the picture for our day. Tim, your reading and the renewal vows were so wonderful and just right for us. Patrick commented the next day that he felt “renewed”! Thank you also for your reassuring presence. I was a jumble of nerves walking in, but once we were standing there with you, I could sense you had it all under control and that made me feel calmer … not an easy task! And finally, not only do I feel like we had the best officiant ever, I feel like we made a new friend!

  49. Anthony & Rachael Deliz

    We got a lot of compliments regarding different things about our ceremony, but none were more than our officiant, Tim. Hands down he was the best officiant that we could have asked for, and everyone else felt the same way. He has become more than an officiant, and we consider him a friend. This man will even learn Klingon for you! He is awesome, and you will not regret having him do your ceremony!

  50. Amina Dervisic Hall

    Tim Greathouse is hands down the best wedding officiant in Ohio. He’s kind and goes to distance to understand exactly what the couple wants and needs out of their special ceremony! His every word during our wedding on july 16 2011 was absolutly amazing. I cried!!! But than again so did every person there :):) we are not a traditional couple; therefore we had a hard time finding an officiant… tim was a blessing. Whether ur religious, laid back, formal, informal, tim does it all, and he does it with class.. Thank you a million Tim!!!

  51. Nick Pacione

    Tim Greathouse was almost a complete stranger before he married my wife and I. I can now say that I hope we become friends. Tim is professional, prompt and highly organized in his thoughts, words and actions. I can honestly say that my wife and I were totally impressed. We had everyone asking us where we found him! What a compliment to Tim! What a pro! I will recommend this gentleman to anyone that I can – who is looking for a truly wonderful officiant for their wedding.

    Great work Tim. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  52. Adam and Regina Southall

    Tim performed our wedding Feb 11, 2012. He did an awesome job! He made people laugh and cry! We have gotten so many compliments about how fitting the entire ceremony was for us. He was able to see what makes us ‘us’ in one meeting over some Mexican cuisine :o) Such a cool guy! Look no further.

  53. Kali and Gary McDaniel

    My husband and I got married on Dec 16, 2012. It was a truly remarkable night and one we will never forget. The ceremony was amazing to not only us, but to every other person who attended the wedding. I can not tell you how many compliments we recieved on Mr. Greathouse conducting the ceremony and how many compliments we still are recieveing today… people always ask what our relation to him was…but we only knew him via email. Found his website on the internet :) Mr. Greathouse not only took the time to get to know us not only as individuals, but as a couple. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT! There is not one other person who could have made the ceremony as memorable as Mr. Greathouse!

  54. Amber and Rob

    My wife and I are notoriously difficult to please but we could not be more thrilled with the services provided by Tim. Tim’s officiating of our wedding could not have been more heartfelt or beautiful. It was truly wonderful and we shall be forever grateful to him for making our big day perfect. Trust me when I say that every one of our guests we’ve talked to agree that the ceremony couldn’t have been more amazing and it’s all thanks to Tim. We will always look back fondly on the brief time we were lucky enough to have met Tim and have him involved in our lives forever. Thank you Tim, and thank you for caring.

  55. Sandra Davis & Jeremy Zelinka

    Tim was absolutely AMAZING! We searched for weeks on who to have marry us and Tim called me the very night I sent him a message. I knew right then I wanted him to marry us. He was so calming and relaxing… It really anchored everything together. Our ceremony was stunning and the words and readings Tim did were perfectly suited to us. After the ceremony the very first thing Jeremy said was how great Tim was! We both cannot express enough how pleased we are with his work. Truly a great man!

  56. Kathleen Kelly-Calcei

    Gene and I appreciate the fact that Tim was able to make our vows reflect our fundamental spiritual beliefs while refraining from referencing one specific organized religion. My father is a very religious man and I was concerned about how he would react to our vows outside the church. I’m happy to say my dad loved Tim Greathouse and our wedding.

    Tim’s eloquence and gift of sharing our personal love story after our vows just made our special day something everyone will remember.

  57. kimberly chasar

    We were so honored to have Tim to make Addam and I husband and wife. He was funny as hell and said the most touching words. We are so grateful we got such a laid back, awesome guy to share that memory with us and he made it so relaxes and fun! Thank u so much Tim!

  58. Stephanie Xu

    There are no words to describe how wonderful our ceremony was. It was as though all of mine, and Don’s, inner feelings were perfectly conveyed to all that were listening. I’m fairly sure that there weren’t any dry eyes in the building. I had people that typically hate wedding ceremonies telling us how perfect and beautiful our ceremony was. During the reception people were letting me know that they wanted to use Tim when they got married. I know that they would not be able to find a better fit. Between his wedding form, and the communication with him, he makes sure to know exactly what you want. There is something remarkably eloquent in his words, his tone, and his overall demeanor. I feel as though the ceremony set the perfect precedent for how I wanted the whole day….full of love and happiness.

    To anyone who is looking for a ceremony officiant, you need not look any further. Even just thinking back on our ceremony manages to move me to tears. Choose Tim and you will have a breathtakingly PERFECT ceremony.

  59. Stephanie Kolarovsky

    Tim truly made our wedding day perfect and magical. He really took the time to get to know both Ian and myself and incorporated our personalities into the ceremony. It was touching and beautiful enough to make my strictly Catholic grandfather cry… but lighthearted enough to have all our guests laughing!

    This man honestly has a gift, his charisma appeals to everyone he meets. Not to mention his pricing is fantastic! I guarantee you’ll want to give him a little extra after the ceremony for going above and beyond what you ever could have imagined! Tim is definitely the best at what he does!!

    As Ian said, not only did we find the best officiant possible, but we found a new and wonderful friend as well!

    Thank you!

  60. Kris Bennett (Mother of the Bride)

    Let me begin by telling you that Tim “rocked the house” at Stephanie & Ian’s wedding! I’m sure many of my family members did not know what to expect when they were invited to a wedding that was not in a church. I don’t think a lot of them had ever been to a secular wedding and frankly I think they were blown away to find out that just because a wedding isn’t in a church and does not involve a specific religion does not mean that it can’t be beautiful and meaningful. I think the thing that sums it up best is that my dad (Stephanie’s grandpa who will be 88 next month) was so moved by the ceremony that he got all choked up and could barely tell Tim what a great job he did. When you make grown men cry at a ceremony (and not just my dad there were others too) I think that says it all. Honestly everyone talked about how beautiful the ceremony was – even at the end of the reception they were still talking about it. Even today (weeks later) people are still talking about it!! The readings (Victor Hugo chosen by Tim and Dr. Seuss chosen by Stephanie and Ian) and the non-traditional but wonderful questions of intent and vows were the perfect mix of beauty, elegance, seriousness and laughter – just like the bride and groom!! Thank you Tim for finding a way to bring all of those things together. I don’t know how you do it but you do it well!

  61. Ian Kolarovsky

    I cannot even count how many friends and family members came up to my wife and I to tell us that our ceremony was the most beautiful and touching of any they had ever been too. Tim’s approach to how a wedding should and could be done appealed to everyone, young and old. There were light-hearted moments where we laughed out loud and touching moments that brought a tear to every eye in the house. You could tell every word Tim said came from the heart, it wasn’t just somebody standing there dryly reading words off a page. It felt as though Tim actually cares about and loves what he’s doing, a quality that instantly makes you feel comfortable even at one of the most nerve-racking moments of your life.

    In addition, Tim was amazingly easy to work with. He was always fast to respond when we had questions, open to any and all ideas we pitched his way and just a general joy to talk to. Not only did we find an amazing officiant but also an amazing new friend.

  62. Kristi Prochaska

    Tim Greathouse was everything we could have asked for and more. His amazing and personal ceremony captured the love and devotion we share with each other. He provided us a truly memorable experience which highlighted everything we wanted in our ceremony without including anything we didn’t want. Tim is exactly what we were looking for in an officiant and we would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a secular alternative who wants a more beautiful and personal touch than what a JP will offer. He took the time to get to know us and what we wanted at our wedding and that made all the difference. We couldn’t have been more pleased by the way he helped on the day of the wedding to make sure all the little things went just right.

    P.S. We challenge you to find an officiant with better facial hair.

  63. Brian Flynn

    On 6 August 2011 Tim Greathouse married me to the love of my life. I had been waiting to write this review for two reasons: 1. My life has been a whirlwind since the wedding and time is hard to come by. 2. I wanted to give this review the thought and time needed to convey the amazing job Mr. Greathouse did.

    Let’s start at the beginning. My wife found Tim online when searching for an officiant for our wedding. She had been searching for awhile and was impressed by his website and the information he shared. We thought his background and what started it all was very impressive and got a kick out of his frequently asked questions. We were surprised to learn that Tim’s house was actually not all that great, but merely adequate! After perusing his website we decided that we would like to meet him in person so my wife emailed him to set up an appointment. As we live in Columbus, we had to schedule our meeting on a weekend in order to combine it with our vendors. (Note: I do not consider Tim as a just a “Vendor”) It was an early Saturday morning when we met Tim at a starbucks right outside of Akron. When we walked in and saw him walking over to greet us, the first thing I thought was “Wow…he looks like a slim version of Al Borland!”. We proceeded to tell him about ourselves and he in turn discussed his background and his process for a ceremony. My wife had an idea in mind on how she envisioned our ceremony to go and had actually picked a “canned ceremony” script out that she liked. Tim then went on to inform us that he does not work with them. He further explained how he takes his duty and responsibility very seriously and it reflects not only the couple he marries but himself as an officiant. He further went on to tell us that he does not share his entire ceremony with the couple beforehand. Hearing this, it kind of scared us as we did not know what we would be getting. We soon said our goodbyes and watched Tim drive away. We got back into my wife’s Toyota Prius and looked at each other as my wife asked “What did you think?”. I replied “I really liked him, I think he is our guy” She knew it too as she responded that she “LOVED HIM!”. My one condition upon hiring Tim, which he already addressed on his website, was that he does not shave the beard!

    As the months passed and our wedding day got closer, Tim was sure to stay in touch with us and make sure we were comfortable which was a huge relief. He provided questionnaires to us so that he could better understand who we were individually and who we were as a couple. Fast forward to the rehearsal. As we stood there going through the process he was thorough in explaining how the ceremony would go. He was the perfect balance of seriousness and comedy to keep us informed yet calm while providing a good laugh for everyone around. As we were having an outdoor wedding I asked him about “if it rains.” He replied that in all his time he has never had it rain on one of his weddings…

    Fast forward to the ceremony, Tim was coming from another wedding he preformed earlier in the day. He scheduled more than enough time to ensure that he was extremely early. He helped to make sure everything was set up, not only for him but the DJ as well. As it ticked closer to the start of the ceremony, that beautiful sky quickly turned dark and grey. Just before my wife arrived it started….it was a downpour! Quickly the guest fled for cover. There is no greater feeling then being crammed into a 50 person shelter with 150 of your closest friends and relatives on your wedding day! As our wedding was a few miles away from our backup site, we had made the decision earlier to go with the outdoor ceremony and did not set up the backup site. We were not sure what to do and nobody was making a decision. Tim, being the calm guy he is, took charge in assisting us in making things work. He went to my wife who was waiting in the limo and calmed her down. He advised us on rounding up the party and moving them back to the reception facility. He made sure I was ok and that at the end of the day, I would still be getting married!
    Once back at the reception site he rounded up the guests, got everyone in their places and started the show! I have written a lot already regarding Tim but words truly could not do justice to the ceremony he preformed. It was intimate and personal. It was comical and sappy. It was perfect! I could not have asked for a more perfect person to marry me to my wife! After the wedding we heard over and over and over from our guests how amazing the ceremony was. It made the guests forget about all they had gone through prior to the ceremony. Tim would go on to tell us it was us, but our wedding most certainly would not be what it was without the addition of Tim Greathouse!

    If you are having any doubts what-so-ever about whom you would like to marry you, I could not recommend anyone any more then I would recommend Tim. He is by far the best officiant I have ever witnessed and more importantly, a great person!

  64. Mr. & Mrs. Justin Hazen

    We’ve attended a lot of weddings and it always seems to be the same thing over and over again. We would like to think of ourselves as a special couple and Tim gave us the chance to express this. We’ve been married for going on two weeks now and we’ve had numerous people who attended our wedding tell us how personalized the entire ceremony was. Tim put us both at ease and we were able to relax during our ceremony. It felt as though Justin and I were not just going through the motions of a wedding ceremony, we were two people who honestly love each other getting married. We both feel very lucky to have found someone as wonderful as Tim to be such an important part of our perfect day.

  65. Stacy and Brent Combest

    Tim was absolutely wonderful! For the last year of planning my wedding I had a great deal of trouble finding the perfect person to officiate our special day. My husband and family is Christian and I do not claim a religion. I wanted to satisfy everyone. I was in such a bind that I had at one point asked a good friend to do the wedding but I really wanted a real officiant. Only a month before my wedding my mom told me to just give time a call and see if he’s free. I emailed Tim and told him my situation. He was great! Tim was able to squeeze us in before another ceremony. I was so thankful! I met Tim right before the wedding started, while sitting in my limo. He was very calm which helped my nerves and we practiced saying my vows. The wedding went off without a hitch and I was more than pleased with him! Thanks again Tim! You made my special day even more special!

  66. Mr. & Mrs. Kue

    Tim took time out of his day to meet with us a few weeks prior to our wedding day and answered all of our questions. He was also kind enough to find time to rehearse with us in the afternoon the day before our wedding. He did a wonderful job personalizing our ceremony. Our guests really enjoyed his reading and remarked on how memorable our ceremony was. Thanks so much for helping us start our life together as husband and wife!

  67. George Harvey

    Honestly, my fiancé (at the time, now my lovely wife of course!) found you and filled me in on your background. I liked what I heard and was totally onboard. The first time I met you was about an hour before I got married. When you introduced yourself it was like we were already best friends and started a bromance! We didn’t have a rehearsal, so we filled each other in on what we wanted to have happen. It went off without a hitch! Your readings and adlibs of our personal stories were great. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Tim Greathouse, as advertised in his name, simply just GREAT!

  68. Randi Harvey (Rayl)

    It was very important to George and I to have an intimate non-religious ceremony. After an hour long conversation with Tim, I knew he was our guy. He allowed us to create our own day while still keeping it structured. When the big day happened, I was so filled with emotion and absolute happiness. Tim pulled it off and we even lived out of state! My favorite part is when he read our “Why We Want to Marry” emails. George said things in that letter to Tim I never knew he felt. Tim is amazing!!

  69. Amanda Davis

    Tim is an excellent choice for a wedding officiant. Out of all of the officiants that we looked at, Tim was the only person who seemed to fully understand and effectively communicate what a marriage truly is. He maintains close communication with you prior to the wedding day, just to make sure that he includes everything that you desire in your ceremony. Our ceremony itself was a bit different than your average run of the mill ceremony, and Tim presented it in a beautiful, eloquent fashion. If you need a wedding officiant, stop looking and book Tim. I promise that you will find your wedding day even more blissful and wondrous for doing so.

  70. Jenna & Andrew Isaacs

    Tim did an absolutely amazing job with our wedding. Everything was exceptional, from the detailed questionnaire about each aspect of the ceremony to his presence and demeanor during the actual event. He was happy to take our ideas and incorporate them into a seamless ceremony. We got numerous compliments about him and the readings, etc. we/he had included. It is obvious that Tim takes great pride in what he does and completely appreciates the importance of the event in the lives of his “customers.” We cannot say enough about how satisfied we were and continue to be!

  71. Tracy (Mrs.) and Ashley (Mr.) Snyder

    What can be said about Tim Greathouse that everyone should know?… Well to start if you are looking to be married or know someone that is, you need not look any further for someone to officiate. Tim has an amazing personality that works well with everyone, he is professional, easy going, open-minded, well groomed, looks good in a suit, funny, and over all will make your planning a TON more relaxing and enjoyable. He just feels like your best friend that you never knew. Tim is a well spoken gentleman that has the ability to create a beautiful environment at the same time of making it an enjoyable and lighthearted experience that everyone can get a smile or tears of joy from. The only down side of having Tim perform our ceremony is that he will only get to do it once. I have found my one and only and we shall not need his service again… unless of course we decide to renew our vows. So really if you need that special someone to make your event the best it can be, you need not look any further than Tim GREAThouse, it is just in the name.

  72. Brian & Leslie Bowers

    A great big Thank You to Tim for a wonderful ceremony to marry our daughter and son-in-law, Brian & Lacey Flynn. Through last minute venue changes to calming the bride and groom, Tim was right there to support them as well as their families. Tim’s ceremony was heartfelt and perfect for what Lacey & Brian wanted. They knew he was the one to perform the ceremony from the moment they met him. Thank You again Tim. Hats off to you! Most Sincerely, Brian & Leslie Bowers, Father and Mother of the Bride

  73. Gary Byers

    Having known Tim for some time, I was confident that he would do a great job, but he far exceeded my expectations. Tim is an eloquent speaker, and took the time to prepare a service that was suited to the bride and groom specifically. He provided a perfect mix of sentiment, reality, and spirituality. Tim is a true professional and a master of his craft.

  74. Mike and Evangeline

    When we were “shopping” for an officiant for our wedding, we were pretty bummed. A friend who we had asked to perform the ceremony had to pull out, due to a trip to China. Thankfully, she left us enough time to find Tim. From our first conversation, Tim set us at ease with his understanding of the immensity of the request. His flexibility and timely responses were especially helpful as we live in Virginia and were marrying in Cleveland. He was dually professional and eloquent with his writing of the service, calm and collected throughout his delivery. In addition his down-to-earth personality and humor added to our day. His tact and poise, in fact, saved us. For example, our wedding took place outdoors and mid-ceremony Tim’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound from a nearby helicopter. He was in the middle of a emphasizing the enormity of what love is but did not force the issue or attempt to scream over the helicopter. He simply said, “And I’ll explain… as soon as this helicopter passes by… Oh, the challenges of an outdoor wedding.” He did not panic. He knew it would pass and pass quickly. and he filled the lull with laughter. Then, swiftly picked up. Tim’s words added to the joy and beauty of our day, his beard never once got in the way, and not one guest thought we had hired him via the Internet. But everyone asked how we knew him. Thank you a million times over, Tim. You made our day.

  75. Jeff Beck

    Me and my wife Lanna choose Tim to perform our ceremony and he exceeded all my expectations. I have known Tim for many years but had no idea about his gift for performing weddings. I was blown away by his words. I knew Tim would do a good job, but I never expected that I would be so moved by someone words. I would have recommended Tim before the ceremony based on my friendship with him, but now i think everyone at the ceremony would recommend him on his performance. Absolutely beautiful and unique ceremony. More than I could have asked for. Thank you Tim.

  76. Heather Valentine-Gold

    Jared & I want to thank you again for making our ceremony an amazing experience. We got SO many compliments from everyone who attended. It was perfect. You really captured our feelings about marriage, about each other, and made our ceremony very personal. We both couldn’t have been happier.

    I can’t say it enough — thank you so much!

  77. Jared Gold

    Even though we had only met Tim in person on the day of our wedding, we felt as though we already knew him. His style is so personal and it was obvious he put a lot of time and consideration into our ceremony. We received many, many compliments and we were told several times that Tim’s words were among the best ever read at a wedding.

    Thank you again, Tim! We will always be sure to recommend you highly.

  78. Chris Straugheir

    Thank you so much Tim for being our celebrant. You handled the occasion with depth and grace, which enabled Suzanne and I to relax and be able to be fully present and have a lot of fun. Our requirements were a little different than some, and it was your sensitivity to this that enabled everyone there to enjoy the the day. You are a very special person in the right place. Good fortune and God bless.

  79. Hilliary and James

    We were married in Cleveland, Ohio on May 28th 2011. That was actually the first day we met Tim and we couldn’t have been happier. I literally saw him for the first time walking down the aisle, and said Hi when I stepped in front of him. As nervous as I was, I felt very comfortable right away. Tim officiated with ease, enthusiasm, and made it fun. I actually put the ring on the wrong finger in my befuddled way, and he was able to make a joke and keep everybody laughing. It actually made the wedding something nobody will ever forget. Tim is very professional and really friendly. We would recommend him to anyone. Tim, we thank you so much for making our ceremony beautiful and memorable.

  80. Pete & Beth Serri

    On June 4, 2011, Tim Greathouse united our daughter Jackie and our new son, Robert in marriage. I really can’t tell you how terrific Tim was with us as the parents, but especially awesome with the bride and groom. He was there for the rehearsal, thank goodness! We were running a little behind and Jackie refused to practice because it was bad luck! Tim just went on and handled the nervous couple with a velvet glove. He was very kind and patient. But the actual wedding day… Tim wove Jackie and Robert’s story in a fine tapestry with the final thread tying them to each other beautifully. Within his words we heard, or rather felt , humor, heart, love and warmth. It was beautiful. I can’t tell how many family and friends told us how much they enjoyed the ceremony and Tim’s special touch. Tim, THANK YOU! THANK YOU and THANK YOU. All the very best!

  81. Kristen

    Tim is amazing! He performed our ceremony this past Saturday June 18th and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Everything about it was perfect! He really personalizes everything and incorporates everything you tell him =) Our friends and family were so impressed with him! If you are looking for someone to perform a ceremony you will never forget, Tim is your guy! We would recommend him to anyone!

  82. Adam Lintz

    Tim performed our ceremony two weeks ago, and it was absolutely perfect. He is an extremely talented writer and speaker, and he did the ceremony just the way we wanted. I was most impressed by how thoughtful he was regarding what we wanted to be said and how we wanted the overall tone to be. I think Tim’s philosophy is spot on- the ceremony should be left to the bride and groom, as it is they who are making the commitment, and it reflects on them over anyone else. That is how we have always felt about it, and we feel very lucky to have found someone who agrees. Thanks Tim!

  83. Yan & Yongsong

    We’d like to sincerely thank you for officiating such a beautiful ceremony for us. You were professional, patient and thorough. Your words touched the bottom of everybody’s heart. Our family and friends had nothing but great praises for your service. We are sure that the memory of this special moment will forever be with us.

    Best wishes,
    Yan & Yongsong

  84. Jim and Brett Singer

    We considered a lot of alternatives before stumbling upon Tim’s website and he didn’t disappoint. Tim used the information we provided to create a personalized ceremony that made us feel as though he had known us for years. We highly recommend him. He did great job.

  85. Paul & Amanda Scruggs

    Tim is awesome! Book him now before somebody else does, because as the word continues to spread, Tim will be the officiant of choice in the area.

    We wanted OUR wedding, which meant that we wanted a contemporary, non-religious ceremony focused on US, and Tim gave us just that. Everything was perfect. We received so much positive feedback on the ceremony! If we had to do it all over again, we would pick Tim every time.

    Thanks for everything Tim. You made a very special day that much better.

  86. Andrew Parker

    When I was looking for someone to do my wedding I felt like I wasn’t going to find the person to do it well, let alone do it the way I wanted. I’m still extremely thankful to this day that I came upon Tim’s website. Not only did he help out with what needed to be done but helped us stay calm while putting up with our horrible even coordinators mistakes.

    The wedding talk he did for us was more than I could have ever asked for. I, as well as everyone there, were blown away to how well this was tailored to me and Irene and our lives. It captured our emotions of our relationship perfectly.
    Everyone there that we asked about the ceremony all said that out of all the weddings they have ever been to, that was probably one of if not the best talks they have heard.

    If I had a chance to do my wedding all over again – I will admit there would be some changes to how things were done. But choosing Tim as an officiant is one thing that would never change, and I will look back as one of the best decisions I made for our wedding.
    I highly recommend him to anyone else looking for something else than a basic, drab, copy and pasted wedding – done and heard to death. If you cannot afford for whatever reason, the money to hire him – take out a loan. You wont regret it.

    Thank you Tim for a wonderful and a happy memory to look back on for the rest of my life. You did an awesome job, and I will always be grateful.

  87. Tony & Amanda

    We were looking for a spiritual, not a religious ceremony, something personal and genuine. Tim delivered beautifully. He included nice details about our lives and how we met. We felt that his words were carefully chosen and eloquently spoken. He was very professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend him.

  88. Miriam Bishop

    As a lesbian couple, we weren’t planning to have a ceremony at all until I stumbled upon Tim’s site completely by accident. After talking to him we changed our minds very quickly. He is an extremely nice guy and very easy to work with. He really puts a lot of effort into making the ceremony very personal and making you feel comfortable. We couldn’t possibly be any happier.

    Thank you so much Tim!
    Miriam & Kianna Bishop

  89. Jessica Siejka

    Tim was amazing! We are a nonreligious couple looking for something special for the two of us, and Tim was perfect. What Tim provided was basically a civil ceremony but he added his own personal touch, adding a reading that related to my husband and I, and talking about how we met and personal things about our relationship. I would recommend him to anyone!

    Tim, you are fantastic, and made our day extra special. Thank you!

  90. Mark Swafford

    Melissa and I were looking for an officiant that took our interests at heart. Being a fellow alum from our high school a few years down the road from me he did a very fine job. Many compliments were given by my friends and family.

    Tim works with you and meets with you to go over the fine details that you want in a wedding your way. What I found neat that made a special touch was that he may give you some “homework” but don’t panic, I will just say the work is worth it and adds a special touch to your ceremony.

    Thanks Tim!

    Mark & Melissa

  91. Bonnie Blum

    Tim was more than we ever could have expected when we began planning our wedding. Our ceremony was personalized and we had a huge part in planning it. So many guests commented on how great of a job he did, and we agree! He was personable yet professional, and made our ceremony so much more meaningful. Thanks Tim!

    Bonnie & Chris

  92. Megan Mitchell

    I literally can not thank you enough for doing such an amazing job yesterday. Josh and I really enjoyed working with you and we really, really enjoyed the ceremony. When we were talking to all the guests for the whole evening the number one comment I got about the whole wedding was something like “wow the ceremony was unique but it was so beautiful and romantic, that guy did a fantastic job”. The guests really enjoyed the ceremony just as much as Josh and I. Our parents had been skeptical about not having a standard ceremony but they both told us after the ceremony how well they thought you did and how much they actually enjoyed it. So I just want to thank you so much for making the most important part of the day as awesome as it was!! You will always have my recommendation to future brides/grooms and if you ever need a reference you can always use me.

    Thank you so much!


  93. Robert & Angie Richman

    Tim was very professional and gave us a ceremony that was tailor made to fit our situation. His efforts, research and dedication were readily apparent and greatly appreciated. Not only did we both think that it was a very personal and individualized service, but all of our guests were made to feel like they were included in the ceremony. It was a very loving and touching ceremony and Tim made everyone feel extremely special. We would recommend Tim’s services to anyone as he did a fantastic job.

  94. Sherry Crow

    I can’t begin to tell you what an excellent job Tim did for my daughters wedding. From the first time I contacted Tim he was nothing but professional, personable and so easy to work with. Tim attended the rehearsal and guided the whole wedding party through the steps. The actual wedding day Tim personally took time to spend time with the bride & groom to reassure them and calm those nerves. The ceremony was beautiful and uplifting – I could not have asked for a better person to officiate if I searched the world over.

  95. Amanda Youngblood

    okay…so you have no idea how many compliments we got on our wedding. I have never had people tell me they enjoyed the wedding more then the reception! Thank you for making it such an amazing memorable experience we will share for a lifetime:)

  96. Jess McFall


    You did a beautiful job with our ceremony! And, your “sneaky” picture perfectly captured our autumn day.

    Thank you again for your wonderful work. This was the perfect way to start our marriage.

    ~Jess & Matt

  97. Anna George


    I confided in you early on that I felt the officiant was the most important part of everything. He/She makes or breaks the whole thing. And boy did you make it! I knew from the moment I met you, that you were the right man to marry us. Your words are perfect. You were able to understand what made our relationship so perfect to us. To understand it, without experiencing it must take a great deal of emotional aptitude and empathy. Those things are hard to come by in a person. And I will always be grateful that we managed to find you!

    Thanks so so much. You seriously made our day. :)

  98. Barbie Page


    It was such a pleasure having you there and performing our ceremony…The words you spoke were so meaningful and heartfelt…Earl and I were so happy and the ceremony meant so much to us.

    Thank you
    Barbie and Earl Page

  99. Joe Nemeth

    We want to thank Tim for helping make our wedding day a day we’ll never forget. He was definitely our source of calm during the ceremony. The reading he prepared was perfect, and we got so many compliments from our friends and family about him. If you’re looking for a personal, unique and beautiful ceremony, Tim’s your guy. Thanks again, it was great having a friend up there with us, along with the soothing sounds of Route 8 of course.
    Love, Joe & Leah

  100. Patty Bucy

    Having Tim as the officiant was a pure stroke of luck! Tim was my student ($#) years ago and found me on Facebook. Once I learned about his little business and read his story, I KNEW he would be perfect for my son and his now-wife. Tim looks and sounds so professional. His personal touch during his service makes it seem as if he has known the couple for years.
    As his teacher, I am very proud of him. As the mother of the groom, I am thrilled at how perfect he was, and how happy the couple was, by all he had to say.
    I would recommend (and have) him to anyone who is just not suited to a church service.

  101. Tracy Baeli

    Hello Tim! We just wanted to say thank you again so much, we are so pleased with the ceremony. Everyone was so impressed with the reading that you prepared. We could of not asked for a better wedding. If you ever need a reference for another couple please feel free to give them our contact info. Also we were wondering if there is anyway we could have a copy of the reading for our album. It was also amazing how it seemed like you’ve know us forever, some of the family even asked how long we have known you. Thank you again so much, you made our wedding such a wonderful, easy and memorable occasion.

  102. James & Terri Couts

    After talking with Tim for five minutes, I knew that he would be the perfect person to officiate our ceremony. My instincts were correct. He happily tailored the moment to meet our requests and was a professional, yet peaceful focus to the event.

    Beyond that, he’s a really great guy. We hit it off and look forward to getting to know Tim better when our lives settle down again…

  103. Caley & Rob Minnich

    Tim’s ceremony was beautiful yet simple and we like how he incorporated personal touches to make it our own. I’ve had so many guests from the wedding compliment on what a beautiful ceremony we had. I highly recommend Tim, powerful words, very professional.

  104. Jen Brown

    Tim thanks so much for helping us to keep our wedding simple yet make it special at the same time. Bill and I both liked the way you incorporated little tidbits about us into the ceremony to make it even more memorable. The reading was beautiful as well.

    Thanks again for everything! The ceremony was perfect!

  105. Kellie Westren

    Tim, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony you performed for Christy & Jon. They were both interested in a personal private setting and you made that possible. Not too mention the arch blowing over, and you were still able to continue the service. Thank you again. You will always be special to our entire family.

    Kellie Westren

  106. Andrea Naples

    Dear Tim:
    As you know I waited since 1983 until 5-12-10 to commit myself to someone, so it was a big deal!!! And Michael was worth the wait. Your ceremony matched our sentiments, energy and our hearts. Because of your positive and open approach I can now attend other weddings and feel the power of the statement of commitment. I truly have never felt that before. You were/are a gift to us. And as my brother told my mom… “…she sure did luck out finding that guy…” That would be YOU. I can see you will have a long and happy time bringing people together. Thank you again.

    Andrea Naples and Michael Norvelle

  107. Adam Schneider

    Tim! You did an amazing job! Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the reading. Thanks again!

  108. Nicole Schneider

    Tim, you were so absolutely wonderful! You made our wedding day so special, it was as though you’ve been there every step of the way since the day Adam and I met. You completely rocked Elliot Smith and your interpretation of the song was dead on to how I personally interpreted it. Too bad we didn’t rent a snow machine so we could make angels in the snow, that would have felt AMAZING in the blazing 650,000 degrees Celsius heat.

    For anyone looking for an officiant who will listen to what you want included in your ceremony, who is extremely kind and personable, and who will bring a sense of calm to a frazzled wedding party, I give this fellow 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.

  109. Destini' Fronek

    Thank you so much for such a touching ceremony! We were given so many compliments on how well the ceremony was executed and how much everyone really enjoyed you and the words you chose to say. It was everything we were looking for in a ceremony and more. The words that were said fit us to a tee and we couldn’t have been happier and more pleasantly surprised then not knowing exactly what was going to be said that day made everything that more special. We can not thank you enough for such a wonderful ceremony! We look to you as a good friend and we will always hold that day close to our hearts! Thanks for the love, laughter, and tears!
    Destini’ Rose

  110. Nicole (Kieffer) Alexander


    Thank you so much for putting in words that not only we could relate to, but also for those that were there to witness David and I committing our lives to one another. I had so many comments about “I really felt what you were saying” It spoke from the heart and it etched it into our souls. Also, my family thought it was such a special touch to have my mother and grandmother mentioned in such a unique and respectful way.

    Once again…thank you and thanks for putting us both at ease with your talent & professionalism.

  111. Matt Casto


    I was truly impressed by the heart felt ceremony that you performed yesterday. I don’t believe I have ever been to a wedding where I was moved or even impressed with the Officiate. Being in love and proclaiming this love to your friends and family, the true purpose of a wedding, should be personal and memorable. I feel you truly achieved the essence of the modern couple while not losing touch to an age old tradition. I look forward to your personal touch when Sara and I proclaim our love for each other in front of our friends and family.

  112. Ted Popesco

    Tim was far and away the best wedding officiant we could possibly have hoped for. He chose an absolutely perfect and very meaningful reading for us. He did everything he could to make our wedding perfect and personal for us, and we could not have made a better choice than Tim. There is nothing he could have done better – everything was just right for us. Melanie and I both recommend him with 100% confidence.

  113. Melanie Popesco

    Tim made our special day even more beautiful. The ceremony was moving and allowed everyone to comfortably share our love and commitment to each other. Tim was perfect, the ceremony he wrote was absolutely suited to us. His detailed questionnaire let us tailor our wedding to a T. I can’t adequately put into words what a great officiant he was. If you want your wedding to be a rapturous embodiment of your love, choose Tim!

  114. Kevin Beane

    I have witnessed the same depressing, objectionable, and dogmatic wedding sermons that drove Tim to become a wedding officiant. For him to offer a positive, non-religious sermon would fill a need many couples are after.

    But he does so much more than that. He provided a sermon that was breathtakingly eloquent, customized, and inspiring. Not even the Les Miserables passage he read compared to his own writings within the ceremony. I mean that.

    By not hemming himself to any religious doctrine, Tim is free to weave a sermon that perfectly fits the bride and groom, and it’s this weaving the Tim does best, and better than anyone I have seen perform at a wedding. He’s in a class of his own.

    The number of people who commented unprompted to me what a fantastic sermon he delivered was remarkable. Anyone planning a wedding today owes it to themselves to book Tim. If you do, you’ll be on this testimonial page next, trying to figure out just how to put your enthralled satisfaction into words.

  115. Katie Boman

    Tim Greathouse is possibly the best wedding officiant I’ve yet experienced. He is an old friend of ours, so it’s possible we are a tad biased, but there can be no question that he has a talent for public speaking; his voice is appealing and his way with words and choices for literary quotation are impeccable. Also, as anyone can see, he’ll look good in your wedding pics. He’s got charisma and excellent taste. I cannot imagine anyone regretting having him as their wedding officiant.

  116. Donna Runeric

    I was mesmerized by every word. This was definitely not the standard wedding prattle. Tim’s message was contemporary, realistic and filled with love and hope for Melanie and Ted’s future together. Just beautifully done. I love Melanie (my niece) and Ted and were so happy Tim officiated so skillfully.

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