October Weddings

No rest for the irreverent reverend this October! It was my second-busiest month of the year.

October 1: Michael & Allison Janaske (In the lush library overlooking the Cuyahoga River at the Sheraton Suites Akron/Cuyahoga Falls

October 1: Addam & Kim Chasar (At Chateau Michele in Canton. This is officially the most ink I’ve seen at a wedding ceremony. Addam is an outstanding artist at the Absolute Tattoo Company in Wadsworth. I feel it is necessary to mention that I get my work done at Empire Ink in North Hill, my old hood. Who loves ya, Scott Versago?!)

October 7: Matt & Sara Casto (At Greystone Hall in downtown Akron. Matt and I go back to Mrs. Herceg’s 9th period German class at North High School. Congratulations, my old friend!)

October 8: Chris & Kristi Prochaska (At Barrington Golf Club in Aurora)

October 15: Nathan & Ashley Fela (On quite what felt like the windiest day of the century, at Howe Meadow in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In the second wedding & tattoo related coincidence of the month, Ashley and I share almost identical tattoos – the Triskelion – albeit in different places. Cool, right?!)

October 16: Adam & Sara Gill (In a Roaring Twenties/movie-themed ceremony at the Canton Palace Theater, complete with a “playbill” wedding program. In keeping with the theme, I was listed in the program as the director.)

October 22: Ian & Stephanie Kolarovsky (My second movie-themed ceremony in a week and my second ceremony of the month at Akron’s Greystone Hall. Ian and Stephanie, both understanding the fundamental importance of men having beards, specifically called out my “righteously sweet beard” in their wedding program. And what did I do just a week before? I shaved it off. I was so bummed. But they were great sports about it, and I’m happy to report that I have since grown it back. Me with no beard just wasn’t right.)

October 29: Don & Stephanie Xu (My niece Stephanie married the love of her life at the Tallmadge Historical Church on Tallmadge Circle – the same church where my brother got married almost a decade and a half earlier. What a joy it was to watch my niece grow and become the beautiful and radiant being she is today. It was a joy to watch you walk down the aisle and an honor beyond measure to join you and Don in marriage. Uncle Tim loves you lots!)

May you all be buried in a casket made from the wood of a 100-year old oak that I shall plant tomorrow!

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  1. Stephanie Xu

    There are no words to describe how wonderful our ceremony was. It was as though all of mine, and Don’s, inner feelings were perfectly conveyed to all that were listening. I’m fairly sure that there weren’t any dry eyes in the building. I had people that typically hate wedding ceremonies telling us how perfect and beautiful our ceremony was. During the reception people were letting me know that they wanted to use Tim when they got married. I know that they would not be able to find a better fit. Between his wedding form, and the communication with him, he makes sure to know exactly what you want. There is something remarkably eloquent in his words, his tone, and his overall demeanor. I feel as though the ceremony set the perfect precedent for how I wanted the whole day….full of love and happiness.

    To anyone who is looking for a ceremony officiant, you need not look any further. Even just thinking back on our ceremony manages to move me to tears. Choose Tim and you will have a breathtakingly PERFECT ceremony.

  2. Kris Bennett (Mother of the Bride)

    Let me begin by telling you that Tim “rocked the house” at Stephanie & Ian’s wedding! I’m sure many of my family members did not know what to expect when they were invited to a wedding that was not in a church. I don’t think a lot of them had ever been to a secular wedding and frankly I think they were blown away to find out that just because a wedding isn’t in a church and does not involve a specific religion does not mean that it can’t be beautiful and meaningful. I think the thing that sums it up best is that my dad (Stephanie’s grandpa who will be 88 next month) was so moved by the ceremony that he got all choked up and could barely tell Tim what a great job he did. When you make grown men cry at a ceremony (and not just my dad there were others too) I think that says it all. Honestly everyone talked about how beautiful the ceremony was – even at the end of the reception they were still talking about it. Even today (weeks later) people are still talking about it!! The readings (Victor Hugo chosen by Tim and Dr. Seuss chosen by Stephanie and Ian) and the non-traditional but wonderful questions of intent and vows were the perfect mix of beauty, elegance, seriousness and laughter – just like the bride and groom!! Thank you Tim for finding a way to bring all of those things together. I don’t know how you do it but you do it well!

  3. Ian Kolarovsky

    I cannot even count how many friends and family members came up to my wife and I to tell us that our ceremony was the most beautiful and touching of any they had ever been too. Tim’s approach to how a wedding should and could be done appealed to everyone, young and old. There were light-hearted moments where we laughed out loud and touching moments that brought a tear to every eye in the house. You could tell every word Tim said came from the heart, it wasn’t just somebody standing there dryly reading words off a page. It felt as though Tim actually cares about and loves what he’s doing, a quality that instantly makes you feel comfortable even at one of the most nerve-racking moments of your life.

    In addition, Tim was amazingly easy to work with. He was always fast to respond when we had questions, open to any and all ideas we pitched his way and just a general joy to talk to. Not only did we find an amazing officiant but also an amazing new friend.

  4. Stephanie Kolarovsky

    Tim truly made our wedding day perfect and magical. He really took the time to get to know both Ian and myself and incorporated our personalities into the ceremony. It was touching and beautiful enough to make my strictly Catholic grandfather cry… but lighthearted enough to have all our guests laughing!

    This man honestly has a gift, his charisma appeals to everyone he meets. Not to mention his pricing is fantastic! I guarantee you’ll want to give him a little extra after the ceremony for going above and beyond what you ever could have imagined! Tim is definitely the best at what he does!!

    As Ian said, not only did we find the best officiant possible, but we found a new and wonderful friend as well!

    Thank you!

  5. Kristi Prochaska

    Tim Greathouse was everything we could have asked for and more. His amazing and personal ceremony captured the love and devotion we share with each other. He provided us a truly memorable experience which highlighted everything we wanted in our ceremony without including anything we didn’t want. Tim is exactly what we were looking for in an officiant and we would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a secular alternative who wants a more beautiful and personal touch than what a JP will offer. He took the time to get to know us and what we wanted at our wedding and that made all the difference. We couldn’t have been more pleased by the way he helped on the day of the wedding to make sure all the little things went just right.

    P.S. We challenge you to find an officiant with better facial hair.

  6. Kimberly Chasar

    We were so honored to have Tim to make Addam and I husband and wife. He was funny as hell and said the most touching words. We are so grateful we got such a laid back, awesome guy to share that memory with us and he made it so relaxes and fun! Thank u so much Tim!