June Weddings

Congratulations to the lovely couples I performed ceremonies for in June!

June 3: David & Annie Clingerman (At the gazebo in Wes Point Park in the heart of downtown Willoughby)

June 4: Robert & Jaculyn Green (On the balcony overlooking the Cuyahoga River at the Sheraton Suites Akron/Cuyahoga Falls)

June 17: Jon & Cathy Stupar (The ceremony began on southwest side of the iconic Everett Road Covered Bridge in Peninsula and ending on the northeast side. The idea for this symbolic gesture came from a quote by David Russell: “The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn.”)

June 18: Jesse & Kristen Sorgi (At the gazebo overlooking Coe Lake in Berea)

June 19: Ashley & Tracy Snyder (A lighthearted and classy affair at Independence Civic Center)

June 25: Michael & Evangeline Keller (In the courtyard of the Hanna Mansion, part of the Western Reserve Historical Society)

Mike & Evangeline’s ceremony was my first in the Hanna Mansion courtyard. At rehearsal, we noticed a carving in the granite archway beneath which we were standing. It read “Lux et umbra vicissim sed semper amor.” While I don’t know Latin, I do know what amor is. I looked up the translation and incorporated it into the ceremony thusly:

Above our heads there’s a phrase carved into the stone in Latin. I won’t try to say it – for fear that one of you actually knows Latin and will marvel at how badly I butcher it – but I will tell you what it translates to. “Light and shadow in turn, but always love.” What does it mean? Your world, with each other in it, will be full of light. Your love will be as natural and as reflexive as breathing. But when life presents challenges, and it will, you’ll peer into the gathering darkness and feel like giving up. And when those times come – when love falters – come back here. Dwell in this place, in this very moment in time. When it becomes difficult to love each other passively, love each other actively. In short – always love each other.

Congratulations again and my thanks to you all!

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  1. Pete & Beth Serri

    On June 4, 2011, Tim Greathouse united our daughter Jackie and our new son, Robert in marriage. I really can’t tell you how terrific Tim was with us as the parents, but especially awesome with the bride and groom. He was there for the rehearsal, thank goodness! We were running a little behind and Jackie refused to practice because it was bad luck! Tim just went on and handled the nervous couple with a velvet glove. He was very kind and patient. But the actual wedding day… Tim wove Jackie and Robert’s story in a fine tapestry with the final thread tying them to each other beautifully. Within his words we heard, or rather felt , humor, heart, love and warmth. It was beautiful. I can’t tell how many family and friends told us how much they enjoyed the ceremony and Tim’s special touch. Tim, THANK YOU! THANK YOU and THANK YOU. All the very best!

  2. Mike and Evangeline

    When we were “shopping” for an officiant for our wedding, we were pretty bummed. A friend who we had asked to perform the ceremony had to pull out, due to a trip to China. Thankfully, she left us enough time to find Tim. From our first conversation, Tim set us at ease with his understanding of the immensity of the request. His flexibility and timely responses were especially helpful as we live in Virginia and were marrying in Cleveland. He was dually professional and eloquent with his writing of the service, calm and collected throughout his delivery. In addition his down-to-earth personality and humor added to our day. His tact and poise, in fact, saved us. For example, our wedding took place outdoors and mid-ceremony Tim’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound from a nearby helicopter. He was in the middle of a emphasizing the enormity of what love is but did not force the issue or attempt to scream over the helicopter. He simply said, “And I’ll explain… as soon as this helicopter passes by… Oh, the challenges of an outdoor wedding.” He did not panic. He knew it would pass and pass quickly. and he filled the lull with laughter. Then, swiftly picked up. Tim’s words added to the joy and beauty of our day, his beard never once got in the way, and not one guest thought we had hired him via the Internet. But everyone asked how we knew him. Thank you a million times over, Tim. You made our day.

  3. Kristen Sorgi

    Tim is amazing! He performed our ceremony this past Saturday June 18th and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Everything about it was perfect! He really personalizes everything and incorporates everything you tell him =) Our friends and family were so impressed with him! If you are looking for someone to perform a ceremony you will never forget, Tim is your guy! We would recommend him to anyone!

  4. Tracy (Mrs.) and Ashley (Mr.) Snyder

    What can be said about Tim Greathouse that everyone should know?… Well to start if you are looking to be married or know someone that is, you need not look any further for someone to officiate. Tim has an amazing personality that works well with everyone, he is professional, easy going, open-minded, well groomed, looks good in a suit, funny, and over all will make your planning a TON more relaxing and enjoyable. He just feels like your best friend that you never knew. Tim is a well spoken gentleman that has the ability to create a beautiful environment at the same time of making it an enjoyable and lighthearted experience that everyone can get a smile or tears of joy from. The only down side of having Tim perform our ceremony is that he will only get to do it once. I have found my one and only and we shall not need his service again… unless of course we decide to renew our vows. So really if you need that special someone to make your event the best it can be, you need not look any further than Tim GREAThouse, it is just in the name.