July Weddings

It was a busy and joyous July. Congratulations to my new friends:

July 8:  Gregory & Amanda Greathouse (Airman Gregory Greathouse to be exact – my dear nephew! – at Springlake Party Center, Lakemore, Ohio)

July 9: Jared & Heather Gold (at the Lakewood Masonic Temple)

July 16: Jacob Hall & Amina Dervisik (on the deck overlooking the Cuyahoga River at High Bridge Glens Park)

July 16:  Nicholas Varsanyi & Melissa Bright (at The Galaxy in Wadsworth)

July 23: Rich & Kate Good (in an intimate backyard ceremony)

July 29: Jeff & Darylanna Beck (At the VFW Post 1062 in Cuyahoga Falls… congratulations again to my old friend Jeff and his family!)

Thank you all!

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  1. Jeff Beck

    Me and my wife Lanna choose Tim to perform our ceremony and he exceeded all my expectations. I have known Tim for many years but had no idea about his gift for performing weddings. I was blown away by his words. I knew Tim would do a good job, but I never expected that I would be so moved by someone words. I would have recommended Tim before the ceremony based on my friendship with him, but now i think everyone at the ceremony would recommend him on his performance. Absolutely beautiful and unique ceremony. More than I could have asked for. Thank you Tim.

  2. Heather Valentine-Gold

    Jared & I want to thank you again for making our ceremony an amazing experience. We got SO many compliments from everyone who attended. It was perfect. You really captured our feelings about marriage, about each other, and made our ceremony very personal. We both couldn’t have been happier.

    I can’t say it enough — thank you so much!