August Weddings

Five weddings… heat indexes in the 90’s… and only one torrential downpour.  Not too shabby!

August 6: Brian & Lacey Flynn (originally meant to take place at Kendall Lake, but after waiting for the rain to stop for an hour, we had to execute Plan B and move the celebration to the reception venue, Happy Days Lodge. Sorry my no-rain streak ended on your big day, guys!)

August 20: Bill & Sharla Selsor (at Galt Park, Cuyahoga Falls)

August 20: Andrew & Jenna Isaacs (at the luxurious Glidden House at University Circle in Cleveland)

August 27: Brian & Donna Zager (my first camouflage-themed wedding!)

August 28: Steve & Amanda Erickson (they both shaved their heads to signify this monumental new beginning in their lives. Love it!)

It was worth bearing the heat to be a part of your wedding days. My thanks to all of you!

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  1. Amanda Davis

    Tim is an excellent choice for a wedding officiant. Out of all of the officiants that we looked at, Tim was the only person who seemed to fully understand and effectively communicate what a marriage truly is. He maintains close communication with you prior to the wedding day, just to make sure that he includes everything that you desire in your ceremony. Our ceremony itself was a bit different than your average run of the mill ceremony, and Tim presented it in a beautiful, eloquent fashion. If you need a wedding officiant, stop looking and book Tim. I promise that you will find your wedding day even more blissful and wondrous for doing so.

  2. Jenna & Andrew Isaacs

    Tim did an absolutely amazing job with our wedding. Everything was exceptional, from the detailed questionnaire about each aspect of the ceremony to his presence and demeanor during the actual event. He was happy to take our ideas and incorporate them into a seamless ceremony. We got numerous compliments about him and the readings, etc. we/he had included. It is obvious that Tim takes great pride in what he does and completely appreciates the importance of the event in the lives of his “customers.” We cannot say enough about how satisfied we were and continue to be!

  3. Brian Flynn

    On 6 August 2011 Tim Greathouse married me to the love of my life. I had been waiting to write this review for two reasons: 1. My life has been a whirlwind since the wedding and time is hard to come by. 2. I wanted to give this review the thought and time needed to convey the amazing job Mr. Greathouse did.

    Let’s start at the beginning. My wife found Tim online when searching for an officiant for our wedding. She had been searching for awhile and was impressed by his website and the information he shared. We thought his background and what started it all was very impressive and got a kick out of his frequently asked questions. We were surprised to learn that Tim’s house was actually not all that great, but merely adequate! After perusing his website we decided that we would like to meet him in person so my wife emailed him to set up an appointment. As we live in Columbus, we had to schedule our meeting on a weekend in order to combine it with our vendors. (Note: I do not consider Tim as a just a “Vendor”) It was an early Saturday morning when we met Tim at a starbucks right outside of Akron. When we walked in and saw him walking over to greet us, the first thing I thought was “Wow…he looks like a slim version of Al Borland!”. We proceeded to tell him about ourselves and he in turn discussed his background and his process for a ceremony. My wife had an idea in mind on how she envisioned our ceremony to go and had actually picked a “canned ceremony” script out that she liked. Tim then went on to inform us that he does not work with them. He further explained how he takes his duty and responsibility very seriously and it reflects not only the couple he marries but himself as an officiant. He further went on to tell us that he does not share his entire ceremony with the couple beforehand. Hearing this, it kind of scared us as we did not know what we would be getting. We soon said our goodbyes and watched Tim drive away. We got back into my wife’s Toyota Prius and looked at each other as my wife asked “What did you think?”. I replied “I really liked him, I think he is our guy” She knew it too as she responded that she “LOVED HIM!”. My one condition upon hiring Tim, which he already addressed on his website, was that he does not shave the beard!

    As the months passed and our wedding day got closer, Tim was sure to stay in touch with us and make sure we were comfortable which was a huge relief. He provided questionnaires to us so that he could better understand who we were individually and who we were as a couple. Fast forward to the rehearsal. As we stood there going through the process he was thorough in explaining how the ceremony would go. He was the perfect balance of seriousness and comedy to keep us informed yet calm while providing a good laugh for everyone around. As we were having an outdoor wedding I asked him about “if it rains.” He replied that in all his time he has never had it rain on one of his weddings…

    Fast forward to the ceremony, Tim was coming from another wedding he preformed earlier in the day. He scheduled more than enough time to ensure that he was extremely early. He helped to make sure everything was set up, not only for him but the DJ as well. As it ticked closer to the start of the ceremony, that beautiful sky quickly turned dark and grey. Just before my wife arrived it started….it was a downpour! Quickly the guest fled for cover. There is no greater feeling then being crammed into a 50 person shelter with 150 of your closest friends and relatives on your wedding day! As our wedding was a few miles away from our backup site, we had made the decision earlier to go with the outdoor ceremony and did not set up the backup site. We were not sure what to do and nobody was making a decision. Tim, being the calm guy he is, took charge in assisting us in making things work. He went to my wife who was waiting in the limo and calmed her down. He advised us on rounding up the party and moving them back to the reception facility. He made sure I was ok and that at the end of the day, I would still be getting married!
    Once back at the reception site he rounded up the guests, got everyone in their places and started the show! I have written a lot already regarding Tim but words truly could not do justice to the ceremony he preformed. It was intimate and personal. It was comical and sappy. It was perfect! I could not have asked for a more perfect person to marry me to my wife! After the wedding we heard over and over and over from our guests how amazing the ceremony was. It made the guests forget about all they had gone through prior to the ceremony. Tim would go on to tell us it was us, but our wedding most certainly would not be what it was without the addition of Tim Greathouse!

    If you are having any doubts what-so-ever about whom you would like to marry you, I could not recommend anyone any more then I would recommend Tim. He is by far the best officiant I have ever witnessed and more importantly, a great person!