September Weddings

September cooled off just in time for the early fall wedding season. Here are the lovely couples I performed ceremonies for this past month:

September 3: Matt & Jessica Reagle (at the magnificent Amasa Stone Temple on the campus of Case Western Reserve University)

September 3: Alek & Mandy Mergy (at Rosemont Country Club in Fairlawn)

September 10: George & Randi Harvey (These two actors, musicians and pilots opted for a ceremony in the hangar at MAPS Air Museum in Canton. It was incredible!)

September 10: Ray & Lindsay Halkovics (at the 1850 Historic Greek Revival Meetinghouse, known to many as the “little white chapel” at Hale Farm & Village)

September 17: Brent & Stacy Combest (at the Mingo Pavilion in Sand Run Park, Akron)

September 17: James & Kara Sandy (at the stately Greystone Hall in downtown Akron)

September 24: Justin & Meghann Hazen (on their family farm)

Congratulations to the lot of you!

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  1. Mr. & Mrs. Justin Hazen

    We’ve attended a lot of weddings and it always seems to be the same thing over and over again. We would like to think of ourselves as a special couple and Tim gave us the chance to express this. We’ve been married for going on two weeks now and we’ve had numerous people who attended our wedding tell us how personalized the entire ceremony was. Tim put us both at ease and we were able to relax during our ceremony. It felt as though Justin and I were not just going through the motions of a wedding ceremony, we were two people who honestly love each other getting married. We both feel very lucky to have found someone as wonderful as Tim to be such an important part of our perfect day.

  2. Stacy and Brent Combest

    Tim was absolutely wonderful! For the last year of planning my wedding I had a great deal of trouble finding the perfect person to officiate our special day. My husband and family is Christian and I do not claim a religion. I wanted to satisfy everyone. I was in such a bind that I had at one point asked a good friend to do the wedding but I really wanted a real officiant. Only a month before my wedding my mom told me to just give time a call and see if he’s free. I emailed Tim and told him my situation. He was great! Tim was able to squeeze us in before another ceremony. I was so thankful! I met Tim right before the wedding started, while sitting in my limo. He was very calm which helped my nerves and we practiced saying my vows. The wedding went off without a hitch and I was more than pleased with him! Thanks again Tim! You made my special day even more special!

  3. Randi Harvey (Rayl)

    It was very important to George and I to have an intimate non-religious ceremony. After an hour long conversation with Tim, I knew he was our guy. He allowed us to create our own day while still keeping it structured. When the big day happened, I was so filled with emotion and absolute happiness. Tim pulled it off and we even lived out of state! My favorite part is when he read our “Why We Want to Marry” emails. George said things in that letter to Tim I never knew he felt. Tim is amazing!!

  4. George Harvey

    Honestly, my fiancé (at the time, now my lovely wife of course!) found you and filled me in on your background. I liked what I heard and was totally onboard. The first time I met you was about an hour before I got married. When you introduced yourself it was like we were already best friends and started a bromance! We didn’t have a rehearsal, so we filled each other in on what we wanted to have happen. It went off without a hitch! Your readings and adlibs of our personal stories were great. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Tim Greathouse, as advertised in his name, simply just GREAT!